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6 Best Sites to Buy and Sell Used & new Stuff Online in Germany
6 Best Sites to Buy and Sell Used & new Stuff Online in Germany

6 Best Sites to Buy and Sell Used & new Stuff Online in Germany

Buy and Sell Used & new Stuff Online in Germany

Availability of online sites is unlimited than offline sites to buy or sell products that may be used or new. In Germany trading, the used stuff has to rise compared to olden days. Online shopping is more comfortable for people all over the world. The online sites were saving their time of shopping, and they stay updated every day. In this post, let us look at the five best sites to buy and sell used and new stuff online in Germany.


Best site to market the used electronic items and media items in Germany then visit reBuy, which is worth visiting. It is apt able for all kinds of people as they had both expensive and inexpensive wares. In reBuy, you can get 36 months warranty for their product. 


To enter into the fashion world for buying a dress in Germany, OTTO is the best and largest online site after Amazon. Thousands of people visit OTTO to get a stylish look, and it has a strong policy and requires the same return from its partners. They are good followers of the trend to satisfy their customers’ needs. OTTO products are well known for its quality, and it is worth buying. New collections will arrive as soon as on the OTTO site. 


Books are most people’s best companions, and book readers or film watchers may live in a fantasy world. To buy and sell the best books, films and CDs and even games in Germany, the best online site is Momox. The used book can be recycled and resold on their platform and also on eBay, Amazon etc.


Clothing and accessories are frequently shopped on online sites. For buying, selling, and using and returning fashion box items, Myonbelle is the best site in Germany, and it provides a maximum 70% discount on the most liked products. There are three subscriptions boxes available on this site, and they are small, medium and large.

Etsy Germany: 

Best place for handicraft manufacturers and sellers, the Etsy site is the best all around the world. It charges 20% for each item as commission and transaction 3.5%.

Best website to grow the business online or the development of the micro, small, medium, and large companies as well as companies and corporations.

Bottom line:

Thus, these are the five best online sites in Germany for buying and selling products and even the used products as reselling.