RTB advertising platforms

Best real-time bidding platforms

Real-time bidding is the process in which multiplier advisers buy and sell ads in real-time using revolutionary software. The whole process is advanced by supply-side platform (SSP) or Ad exchanges. If you are looking for the best real-time bidding platform, we will assist you to make the best selection. This article is all about the best RTB advertising platforms in 2022 that can help you make the best choice, so keep on reading. 

  • Ad Colony: Ad colony is the world’s largest mobile advertising platform that came into existence in 2011. It is notable for better quality and HD video ads. This real-time bidding platform is accessible on both Android and iOS devices. The better payable and costing methods of this monetization platform make it the best option for advertisers. 
  • Ads compass: Ads compass is a worldwide real-time bidding platform that offers mutually beneficial cooperation among sources such as webmasters, media buyers and ad networks. Its server platform will provide you with versatile settings, full functionality and a user-friendly design and experience. 
  • Imonomy: Imonomy is an intelligent user-focused platform that lays emphasis on in-image advertising. It is an interactive platform that produces original and enduring value from every picture all across the web. This mobile RTB advertising platform provides in-line, in-video, in-screen and header bidding technology and monetization tools to digital publishers. 
  • Magnite: Magnite is a remarkable platform for high-quality video advertising. You can get a huge variety of ad formats by using this platform. Some ad formats offered by magnite are linear, vertical, pre-roll, mid-roll, out-stream and native, which is the plus point. Spotify and eBay have worked with this advertising platform.
  • Smaato: Smaato is the best monetization platform that offers more control and a better reach to users. This ad server lets its publishers manage their whole ad store in one place. The various ad formats offered by Smaato are native, in-stream, out-stream and banner ads. 


So, these are the top 5 real-time bidding platforms. You can choose any of these platforms to buy and sell impressions in real-time.