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How Franchisees Can Improve Their Communication Skills?

Successful leaders in the world are great communicators. Note that if you are running a franchise, then it’s essential for you to ingrain communication skills. You can run a business smoothly by communicating effectively. Being an entrepreneur, you need to manage your staff as well as customers. Managing everything can become way too easy by communicating clearly. Without a doubt, the first quality you need to become a franchisee is good leadership. An individual is considered as a good leader if he/she can influence others and motivate them to do work. So, how can you influence others? Obviously, by communicating. Probably there is not any other way. 

Who is the king of the market? Needless to tell, it’s the customers ! As long as your customers are happy, you can survive easily in the market. Do you know the secret behind retaining customers? It is through effective communication. Many times your customers may have grievances and queries. You need to have good communication skills to clear their queries and handle their grievances.

Go through the following magical tips that can help you polish your communication skills:

Suppose you are operating an educational franchise, communicating perfectly can make things easy for you. If you don’t know how to cultivate marvellous speaking skills, then go through this article carefully. 

  1. Know the basics of non-verbal communication

Your first impression is formed on the basis of non-verbal communication. This simply implies that along with your words, your physical cues also matter. Therefore, you need to work on the following things:

  • The way you stand in front of people. Try not to shrink your body while standing, it can make you look underconfident. Instead, you can use the whole space given to you and stand erect. 
  • Maintain eye contact with people around you. This way you can easily convince others.
  • Never fold your arms, this may look rude. Instead, you can stand freely and show friendly gestures. 
  1. Communicate in simple words

Remember, not everyone knows the hard english words. So, try to use simple and easily understandable language. This way you can easily engage people with you. Additionally, you can easily catch the attention of people around you. Using hard vocabulary can make your conversation boring. Also, people may not like to communicate with you. So, try to explain yourself simply and try to use some friendly slang. Being friendly can induce the other person to listen and respond to you completely. 

  1. Demand honest feedback

As a franchisee, you are a leader of the entrepreneur. However, there is not any hard and fast rule that a leader is always right. So, you can always ask for honest feedback from your staff and customers. Encourage your employees to speak truthfully regarding what they feel. It can give them a sense of belongingness. Also, you can get to know what improvements you need to run the business effectively. 

Moreover, you can ask for feedback from your customers as well. This way you can improve the quality and quantity of your products and services. Note that you have to welcome criticism positively. It can help you make various improvements in the business operations. 

  1. Be a good listener

Do you think communication is only about how you speak? If yes, then you are completely wrong here. It is highly important to be a good listener as well. When you listen to what others think and feel, it can help you know what they need. For example: you can ask your employees to give some creative ideas to run a business. Being an entrepreneur, you should not believe in imposing your ideas. It may make you look hard headed. So, always listen to what your employees are saying and what they need. 

  1. Avoid powerpoint presentations

Most of the entrepreneurs conduct meetings with the help of powerpoint presentations. However, companies like Apple and Facebook don’t find this way of communication effective. Their owners think that powerpoint presentations create hindrance while communicating. Instead, they conduct a meeting where everyone is free to interact. It encourages every employee to speak whatever they feel is right. Moreover, no one gets the pressure of presenting a PPT then explaining it to others. 

  1. Have good emotional quotient

We all know what IQ(Intelligence Quotient) is. But, rarely does anyone know what EQ(Emotional Quotient) is. This is basically the capability to know what the other person is feeling right now. Having a high emotional quotient can help you know what to speak and when to speak. For example: if an employee of your company is crying because of the death of his/her family member, then you can console them with soft words. On the other hand, if an employee because his/her nail is broken, then you cheer him/her up by cracking a joke. 

  1. Believe in discussions

When a single person keeps on speaking for a long time, it becomes the most boring thing. So, you can always start a discussion with your employees. It can engage them in a meeting. This way no one will yawn in the meeting. Instead, everyone will feel active. Moreover, your staff will be encouraged to put some analytical ideas in front of you. 

Are you running a coaching institute franchise? If yes, then try to inculcate excellent communication skills. It can aid in maintaining good relations with your franchisor. Also, you can easily achieve the business objectives.


These are some of the best ways through which you can develop good communication skills. If you want to lead your franchise unit smoothly, then it is mandatory to communicate perfectly with stakeholders and customers. Also, you can easily maintain amicable relations with your franchisors. We hope that this article can help some novice franchisees in the business world.