January 28, 2022
Feng Shui Your Bedroom

How to Feng Shui Your Bedroom?

Feng Shui is a Chinese system of rules and laws that govern spatial orientation and arrangement about energy flow (chi). The favorable and unfavorable impact/effects of spatial arrangement/orientation are considered when designing buildings.

Many designers apply the principles of Feng Shui to bedroom renovation. A bedroom designed according to the principles of Feng Shui promotes sensual and harmonious energy. Such a space is inviting, exciting, and calming at the same time.

To Create Your Very Own Feng Shui Bedroom, Apply The Following Tips:

Promote The Flow of Quality Air:

Make it a habit to open your windows frequently as this enables fresh air filled with oxygen to enter the bedroom. Where it is not possible to open your windows for extended periods, consider using an air purifier. Many people also place plants in the bedroom because they act as good air filters. However, this goes against Feng Shui principles. Placing plants in the bedroom only works if the bedroom is quite spacious and placed away from the bed.

Place Exercise Equipment, The Television, and Computer in a Different Room:

When you place any of these in the bedroom, you destroy good Feng Shui energy. Apart from releasing high EMFs, which are dangerous for health, they also carry stress and negative energy from work. This will negatively impact your sleep patterns and your relationships.

Guidelines for bed placement:

Place a bedside table on either side of your Teodora Contemporary bed. Avoid placing your bed directly in the path of the door. In addition, your Canova bedroom set has to be well-balanced and good-looking. You require a headboard, a good quality mattress, and soft sheets made from natural fibres to achieve this look.

When all these factors combine, it creates positive Feng Shui energy.

Choose Suitable Bedroom Art:

Art must be chosen wisely, as images do convey powerful energy. The best art to place in your bedroom is the one that conveys images of what you expect to happen in your life. These images must be nourishing, beautiful, and happy. Refrain from placing sad images. The best types of images depict happy relationships, intimacy, love, and body healing.

Install Several Levels of Lighting:

Light is the strongest source of energy. Candles are the best option for Feng Shui lighting because they do not remove the energy. Instead, they create a warm, healing, and intimate atmosphere.

If placing candles is not possible, install a dimmer switch to adjust light levels accordingly.

Promote The Flow of Good Energy:

Before falling asleep at night, close all bedroom doors, such as the bedroom door, ensuite bathroom door, and closet doors. Keep your Brooklyn wardrobe organised and clean. This enables nourishing energy to heal your body and relationships.

A Feng Shui bedroom is not difficult to achieve. Your bedroom will become the central zone for a loving and nurturing energy with small and carefully planned steps.