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You are welcome to submit a guest blog post to GuiderMate.

Generally, the following criteria and information apply to guest blog posts:

Content Guidelines

  • Contributions that have already been published elsewhere should not be submitted as guest contributions.
  • The length of guest contributions should be at least 1,000 words. Longer content is preferred.
  • Our jobseekers will find your guest post easier to read if you use subheadings and / or numbered or bulleted lists.
  • You should create a permanent backlink to your GuiderMate guest post on your website or on the website of the company you represent. Our GuiderMate guest posts include a permanent backlink to your website or to the website of the business you represent.
  • Any topic related to careers, telecommuting, working remotely, productivity, or freelancing is welcome.
    • Articles may not be directly promotional.
    • Articles may not promote or support sites, clients, or business models which we feelĀ are unethical or scam related.

Linking Guidelines

  • Links to your own websites should be limited to two (2) and only appear in your author bio.
  • The links must also be relevant to the audience and contain useful information regarding remote work, career advice, etc.
  • There will be no acceptance of links to “online education” or “essay writing” services.
  • No links to sites with “landing page”-based offers.
  • No affiliate links are permitted in any guest contribution.

Bio Guidelines

  • Please include a brief author bio and your affiliation with a business alongside your post.
  • Typically, three to four (3-4) sentences suffice.
  • You may include up to two relevant links in your bio. This includes your professional website, your employer’s website, your blog, and your social media accounts, among others. These links are not necessarily affiliate links. These links are not to be followed. All guest posts focus on expanding GuiderMate does not tolerate attempts to manipulate search engine rankings using links on its website.

Submit Your Guest Post

  • Please send your contribution to blog (at) guidermate (dot) com.
  • Format your subject line with the subject of your post, your name, and/or the name of your organisation.
  • Ten Telecommuting Tips for Job Seekers – Sandra Burress – RemoteMag
  • If you would like an image to accompany your submission, please attach it to the email.
  • Images are not necessary.
  • Prior to publication, GuiderMate reserves the right to make minor edits and formatting adjustments to any submission.

What Next?

Please allow 5 business days for a response regarding article selection and publication. Please DO NOT submit your post elsewhere during this 5-day window, as we may schedule it for publication within the 5-day window.

Please Note: If you do not receive a response within 5 business days, your blog post was not approved for inclusion. Unfortunately, due to the volume of submissions we receive, we are unable to provide individual feedback on rejected articles.

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